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February 18  2014


After 12 months lost, she’s home with us

Our cat Maud went missing shortly after we moved into our new home.  The SPCA immediately directed me to the PetCall website and I quickly registered her microchip details and created a missing pet flyer.  As the months passed, we grew less and less hopeful that she would ever find her way back to us.  After almost a year, we received a call!!!  Maud was living just a few streets away in an abandoned house being fed by a kind family.

 Fortunately, they had her scanned, and found her registration with PetCall. She was reunited with us last week and we are… beyond thrilled!  Miracles do happen and we are so grateful to PetCall for their service.  Spread the word and tell all your friends to microchip AND register their fur-kids with PetCall (remember – microchipping alone is not enough!). 

Thank you PetCall for your fantastic service and support.


Jane, Oliver and Maud xx




August 1 2012


Lost Dog Found his way home after 2 years


On 26 July 2012, Joan and Arther rescued an injured dog in Tuas. When the vet discovered that the dog had a microchip, the next day we contacted AVA to check if it had an owner.

And we discovered that the dog had gone missing since May 2010. Eddy, the Cross German shepherd, was reunited with his master on 1 Aug 2012.


A good story to share and to highlight the importance of microchipping. It was a happy ending.


Best wishes and stay in touch.



April 28, 2010


There is nothing more satisfying then to find a lost dog it's rightful owner.
That is exactly what happened with a lost Chihuahua recently found.

After finding the microchip number, it was registered under Sapa Industries and after a quick call, Mala was quickly on the case and quickly manage to contact the rightful registered owner.

Contact was achieved and everything was resolved within a day.

Subsequently, I have recommanded Mala and Sapa Industries to all that have read about this lost and found story on my blog. This is an invaluable service for everyone.

Best Regards



June 10, 2009


Dear Mala,

Thank you for calling me regarding Cookie.  Having lost the dog for over 3 years, I was quite surprise that he can be found.  It has renewed my faith that the micro chipping is effective.

When I lost my dog in December 2005, I didn't know to call Petcall. I only notified SPCA and AVA.  Maybe if I had called, I would have found my dog earlier.

Thank you again and keep up the good work.

Best regards,
Thelma Yeo





February 23, 2009


Dear Pet call,


I would like to thank you for having been the key factor that allowed us to find our pet back after 2 years and half. Indeed when you call me that Thursday evening to let me know that my cat was found I thought it was a bad joke. But you provided me the right info and we rush to the vet clinic. It was our cat “pomme” (means apple in French because it has big green eyes) not in very good health but with medication and patience it will go through.


One more time I would like to thank you for having called me and also mention the Mount Pleasant clinic that found the chip and notify you, otherwise they will have it put her done due to its condition.


Maggie & William.

December 08, 2008

Pet Call has been extremely helpful when I turned to them for enquiries when I found a lost dog recently. On the night of 18th November 2008 (Tuesday), it was brought to my attention that there was a lost Chow Chow loitering at a void deck opposite my place. I brought the lost dog home and informed SPCA and AVA about it, as well as ran an ad in the Classifieds section of The Straits Times newspaper.


I dropped an email to Pet Call and Mala got back to me via phone. I enquired on the proper procedures to follow, and first and foremost, Mala advised me to bring the dog to scan for any microchip at the vet. I informed her that my working hours were irregular and thus might only be able to do so during the weekend. The next day, Mala called me again to follow up on the issue. She also kindly offered to lend me their microchip scanner, but I did not pick it up immediately as I was caught up with work.


Eventually, the lost Chow Chow Yuki was reunited with her owners the very next day when her owner’s granddaughter Kelly contacted SPCA. I am much thankful to Pet Call and Mala for their professionalism and patience in offering advice and providing support. I am impressed and will certainly help to promote microchipping as well as Pet Call to all pet owners out there! :D




Ruth Lim

November 11, 2008

Dear Mala,
           Thanks a million for your help! My precious has been lost for close to a month, we thought there’s no way he'll be home. To my surprise, today 10/11, you rang me up and told me you found my baby! You are certainly gold hearted! Not only you found my precious 'wish' the mini schnauzer, you also went an extra mile to help me and encouraged me when i just lost him. 

           For the past month, my family and i had been so gloomy and upset over Wish's disappearance, today, you called and told us someone turned him to a vet when he was found. Although the family was reluctant to return me my wish, you guided me to report police, thank you so much once again Mala, You really helped us greatly. I already told those whom know about this incident about wish that PETCALL can 200% be trusted, you gave my family and me hope and gave Wish his home back! Thank you so much! We are very grateful!!
Warmest Regards;
Jolin Toh&
Wish the mini schnauzer

January 04, 2008


Dear Mala,


I'm very happy to let you know that we got our furry friend back! Thanks to your help and support as well as the friendly staff of SPCA we're now reunited and looking forward to the New Year, that took such a rough start for us.

Having our cat microchipped was definitely one of the best investments we ever made ;-)


Big THANK YOU again,

Lore, Bubbles and the entire happy family




November 09, 2007



Dear Mala,

 Thank You very much for locating my Jack Russell Jet. He had gone missing for 2 years and I though he will never be found again.. He is now happily back to his sweet home. I would like to say this to all pet lovers. If you really love your pet do not skip registering your pet with Petcall after micro chipping. The registration fee is definitely worth it. My case is a good typical example. The dog lost for more than 3 years and is now back with me.  


All thank to PetCall

Mala thank you once again.


Best Regards

March 11, 2007


Dear Mala,

I have reported the lost of Terrence, my Norwegian Forrest Cat to you earlier this afternoon. Glad to inform you that he has returned home on his own late this evening after an anxious 6 hours of absence. This was the first time he had gone missing and my two daughters were most glad when he returned home just now.


I would like to thank you for the calm and collected way when answering my call and walk me through the process of lodging the lost report through Petcall. Your professionalism helped me to do what was necessary as I was at a panic myself. I am glad that this episode ended with a happy ending and I am glad that we have implanted the micro-chip for Terrence because he is also a member for this family.

Thank you again dearly, God bless!
Roland Tan


September 6, 2006


Dear Mala,


Thank you for going the extra mile for Pet Call customers.  Your friendly disposition and prompt response was much appreciated. Puss has been found and I will recommend this service to my pet owner friends.


Knowing that a microchip pet has a higher change of recovery helps relieve the anxiety experienced by any pet owner, but knowing that there is empowered person who is genuinely concerned and helping to keep a lookout is something that money can never buy.


My deepest appreciation to Pet Call and Mala



Ivy Lee


February  5, 2006


Dear Mala,

Thanks for your help the other day regarding my husky. I am very glad that she has microchip in it and the speedy response of recovering was within a couple of hours due to a kind hearted soul who has sent her to a pet shop who in turn call Pet-Call to report. All these help me to find my precious, Faith.

I would strongly recommend all dog owners who love their ‘love ones’ to microchip them so they can be found again instead of regrets.



July  5, 2005


Dear Pet Call,


We lost our dog Angie on Sun (3/7) evening around Sunset Way Estate. We put posters around the Estate and in the veterinary clinics. A nurse from Mt Pleasant Clinic called us on Monday night to say that a couple had brought a dog that fitted her description on Monday morning to scan for a microchip.

On Tuesday morning, I went down to the clinic to check with the nurse and called Pet-call to ask if anyone made a report on Monday. Through the help of Mala from Pet-Call, the kind gentleman, Jason, who made the report called me and brought the dog to the clinic right away. It as Angie!


Thank you very much for your help.  We very glad to get Angie back!


Best regards.

Mrs Julie Chew


May 10, 2005


Dear Mala,


Thank you very much for locating my king Charles Cheryl.

Without your help I would have been lost. You've been very helpful and attentive. You even encourage me that's where I'm very touched. I was devastated when Cheryl was lost. Luckily my brother gave me Petcall's contact. After contacting you I had so much confident that I would get Cheryl back. The next morning when you called me to say she's been found I was very amazed by your wonderful service. 

I strongly recommend all pet owner's to register with Petcall.


Once again thanks Mala for your kind help.


With regards,
Rita Sathya


June 8, 2004


Dear Mala of PetCall,


We are really very grateful to PetCall for helping us to locate our lost Siberian Husky. We are very impressed with the extensive network that PetCall has in place to search for lost pets such that we are able to recover our pet within 2 days.

Once again, thank you very much for the service. I will definitely encourage all pet owners to register with PetCall.


Best regards,
Chang Joon/Jer Swan


May 7, 2003


Hi Mala,


Thanks for the help, I have already found my pet. Although the veterinarian has yet to fax you the information of my puppy, you did not decline to help me. I was really very lost at that time and I really appreciate the help that you have given me. I am glad that I have chosen to insert the microchip for my puppy.

Thank you very much.


Best regards,
Ms Jaime Koh


April 9, 2003


To PetCall,


Thank you PetCall, or I will never be able to see my dog again. I almost lost my faith in you when I had no news of my missing dog for one year until Mala from PetCall called me.

From this experience, it tells me the importance of PetCall. PetCall promptly called me when they were informed of my missing dog. PetCall offered 24 hours of services and also the kind of advice I needed at that time when I was am taken aback by mixed emotions. I am glad that I registered my dog with PetCall or this little opportunity would have been seized away from me easily.

Personally, I would like to thank Mala, who is the girl who attended to me. Thank you Mala, you have been very helpful and attentive.


Eileen Lee


28th March 2003


Dear Petcall,


Thank you so much for helping us to locate our pet “Lucky". Please acknowledge our token of appreciation.


10th March 2003


Dear Petcall,


Thank you so much for helping us to locate our missing cat - Pixie. She was missing for two nights and we were really worried for her. Pixie would go out to play but would always come home before 11pm. When she did not return for two consecutive nights we got worried. Fortunately, Pixie has a micro chip. I was glad that you answered my call even though it was late! We are glad that she is back.

Once again thank you for your help!


Kind regards,
Haryati & Graham.


25th February 2003


Dear Petcall,


I wish to express my sincerest gratitude to Petcall for the efficient work done when I reported the lost of my beloved pet husky.  She is part of our family and the children are so happy to have her back.  Thanks a million for your good work and care for all animals and for humanity as well.

One thing to note though: I was only told to refer to Petcall through a vet clinic after calling many clinics to report her missing.  Neither SPCA nor the NPPs advised me to call you. Perhaps they do not know that all pet with microchips should call you when their pet goes missing.

A special thanks to Ms Mala for being so helpful and kind.


Yours sincerely,
Grace Yap



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